AccelPad 1.0

AccelPad is a command line software for your desktop
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AccelPad is a universal Windows launcher. The program allows you to define commands ( short friendly names you are entering from keyboard ) for almost any Windows object. You can import objects of any type from different sources : Desktop shortcuts, Disks, Internet Favorites etc.

Remember those old good times when you ran applications simply typing their names in the dos command line. Just count, how many mouse moves you make when running your favorite FTP or Telnet application, graphic editor or Word document nowadays? Five? Seven? Or more?

Always-on-top Panels like Quick lunch make the process easier but they have a serious weak point. Every panel has it's size and so takes away screen space. The more programs you put into a panel the more space it requires.

AccelPad can import infinite number of objects and it will remain small and handy. AccelPad is a command line for your desktop.

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